Life doesn't stay the same, and
neither should your Will or Trust.

Legal Document Review & Updates

When was the last time you had your Will or Trust reviewed?

Too often people create an estate plan, shove it in a drawer or safe deposit box, and never look at it again. This is a problem, because an outdated estate plan is typically worse than having no estate plan at all! Reviews of your estate plan need to happen every two to five years to verify the plan still supports your current needs and goals.

Situations that could require changes to your Will or Trust include:

  • Relocation of primary residence
  • Death or divorce in the family
  • Change in named executor
  • Change in bequests to someone
  • Acquired assets that need to be added to the Trust

Don?t leave your loved ones to fight through the unintended consequences of an outdated estate plan. The Law Office of Lynn A. will happily review your existing documents to align with your current circumstances and future goals.