What Clients are Saying About
Lynn A., Estate Planning Attorney

"Thank you for preparing the paperwork for my husband?s aunt. When we needed to step in and move her to a memory care facility due to dementia, we were able to use her Durable Power of Attorney to move her to the facility. In addition, we have used the DPOA to access her bank, mortgage, and financial accounts, access her health insurance, home insurance, and long-term care insurance, access her health care provider and records, and to sell her car (and eventually sell her house). Without this one document, our commitment to care for her would have been infinitely harder than it was. I am encouraging all my friends to make sure they, their parents and other loved ones, prepare wills, DPOAs, and health directives. You provide a vital service that has helped us again and again."

– Cathy V.

"The Law Office of Lynn is great. We have had them do several things for us and they are efficient, competent and knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend them."

– George and Bonnie N.

?Lynn took on our case in the midst of an emergency. She handled a very difficult trust situation with speed and accuracy, and has helped to provide for my family for the next 18 years. I refer all of my friends to her with the utmost confidence. Lynn was my angel!?

– Laura M.

 ?As the parents of two small children, we realized this was the most important thing we could do for our peace of mind. We feel so much better knowing that if the unthinkable were to happen, our children will be taken care of by the people we love.?

– Brooke and Justin T.

?I am a relatively young business owner, and we were looking for an estate plan that would help assure my business partners of a smooth transition. We are also a blended family, and needed to learn about the options available for leaving the estate when my wife and I both pass away. Lynn handled both of these issues with skill and expertise, and was always willing to take the time to answer our questions. We couldn?t be happier with the results. We will refer our friends and family to Lynn whenever there is a need for excellent service at a reasonable cost.?

– Eric and Jennifer G.

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